Therapy dogs visit Madison College students at library

Melyna Acosta, Staff Writer

Stress levels among students are on the rise as the semester draws closer to its end. On April 10, Dogs On Call came to Madison College’s Truax Campus Library to spread a little relaxation. University of Wisconsin Event Coordinator, and member of D.O.C, Todd Trampe, expresses that with his lab, Izzie, it’s like “the dog doctor comes to make you feel better.”

Therapy dogs have previously been marked as “miracle workers” for all of the benefits that they provide students and staff. Interatctions with therapy dogs has been proven to reduce blood pressure and have intense calming effects. Trampe said, there’s hardly any place where Izzie and him go that they’re not welcome. “Everyone loves dogs,” smiled Trampe.

While in the Library, an array of students and staff came to socialize with the dogs. Some visitors didn’t even know the dogs would be there, but their faces lit up when they saw the friendly animals sprawled across the floor, bellies being rubbed. Students in the library would take a quick pause from studying just to enjoy the company of the dogs, feeling ready to continue their work after the interaction. People leave with parting words of “made my studying way better,” “this is the best day,” or “this should happen all the time.” Attendees genuinely feel rejuvenated after being with these kind dogs. “Just walking in with a dog puts a smile on people’s faces,” said Trampe.

This was the third year of Dogs On Call coming to Madison College, and the first year of them attending the Downtown campus. According to Trampe, they come towards the end of each semester to help students “forget the pressures of life.” Izzie has her own business card, and at the bottome, it states, “Izzie enjoyed visiting with you and hopes that she made your day a bit brighter.” With all of the smiles and happiness seen on that Tuesday in April, she truly did make people’s day a lot brighter.