Group sees common themes in student survey results

Adrienne Oliva, Editor in Chief

After receiving feedback from over 900 students at Madison College, the Facilities Planning Council has found some similar themes in what the majority of students would like enhanced at our campuses.

“We noticed a lot of common themes amongst the students,” explained Steven Ansorge, a student member of the facilities planning and investment counsel.

One of the major themes Ansorge noticed was in reference to having more spaces for students to meet on campus.

“They want to have more spaces […] outside the classroom in which they can engage in study or social activities,” said Ansorge.

This trend resonated with Ansorge, particularly because he can relate with students who lack a quiet place to do their classwork.

“I feel like there is not enough study spaces in this college,” said Ansorge. “I find that to be extremely helpful if we have enough spaces so we can focus on our work, instead of trying to do it in the cafeteria. That’s a great social space, but if you are trying to get a lot of work done, it is kinda hard if your more of an introvert, and you need more of that quieter, focused space.”

Ansorge hopes that the recent survey results will lead to more study spaces being created.

“That is something that really resonates with me- we need that study space that accommodates all people,” said Ansorge.

Kari Nelson, another student member of the counsel really appreciates what social spaces have to offer to the college experience at Madison College.

“It’s so nice just to have that sense of belonging,” said Nelson. “Just walking into the gateway, you feel like you are a part of something because you see all these students everywhere.”

In addition to more social and study spaces on campus, there are also some ongoing themes that students would like to be addressed according to the survey results.

“(Students) wish to have better parking. That’s always been a theme, that’ll always be something we need to address,” said Ansorge.

Another thing many students mentioned was having better Wi-Fi on campus said Ansorge.

Though these issues will not be fixed immediately, student’s responses to this survey are vital because it helps the Facilities Planning and Investment counsel directly hear from students what they believe is needed at Madison College, which helps the counsel plan projects for the college’s buildings over the next 10 years.

“I’d like students to know that it was invaluable to us to do that survey and gain their feedback,” explained Penny Johnson, co-chair of the counsel. “We heard their voices.”