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Off The Shelf: Stay on target for academic success

Gail Powers-Schaub, Librarian

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Tutoring services are provided to Madison College students through the walk-in service at Student Achievement Center. The center provides additional support for core concepts, homework, and tests in a credit level course.

Tutors work with students to identify stumbling blocks in the learning process that will build course confidence and lead to academic success. The center will assist with math, science, writing, reading and more. 

Tutoring is free to all currently enrolled Madison College students and is offered at every campus when available. The center offers a variety of tutoring support to best suit the students’ needs: walk-in, online and/or small group.

Walk-in tutoring service is appropriate for you if:

  • You are struggling with a specific topic, concept or segment of a course.
  • You missed a class or two and are “catching up.”
  • You need general guidance on completing your homework or assignment.
  • You are looking for other students in your class to work together with (group study).
  • You are preparing for an upcoming exam.
  • You generally do well in courses despite some bumps in the road.

Still struggling?  Consider the following to increase your success.

  • Seek help from your instructor first – your best resource for understanding course material.
  • Recognize any technology limitations you may have. If so, head to the Madison College Libraries for one-on-one support from librarians.
  • Review your study habits and identify study strategies to improve academic performance.
  • Ask yourself if other factors are impacting your ability to succeed. If so, seek out support from counseling.
  • Check with an advisor to make certain you are in the proper course for your level and your program.
  • Explore online resources like BrainFuse, Khan Academy, Learning Express and more to maximize learning opportunity

What to expect

  • Tutoring is done in our Student Achievement Centers Welcome desk staff will greet you and match you with a proper tutor. You will be asked, and shown how, to log in and out of the Center.
  • Tutors may be a peer, study group, instructor or academic coach. Tutors will support your efforts, but cannot do the work for you. They cannot work with you on take-home exams or quizzes.
  • Sometimes you may have a small wait for tutor availability.  Be patient. Tutors are experts at managing students in succession.

To get best results

  • Maximize success and work as a team member with your tutor. Understand tutors help many students, so be open to group study tutoring.
  • Read assignments, do homework and note areas of struggle for focus. Be courteous and honor the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Bring the tools you need: textbook, hand-outs, pencils, paper, etc.
  • Be positive.  You can do this!
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Off The Shelf: Stay on target for academic success