Black and Brilliant event hopes to inspire students, staff

Melyna Acosta, Staff Writer

With the goal to educate students and faculty, the Black Student Union and United Common Ground hosted “Black and Brilliant: Black Participation in the Political Process” on Feb. 8 as Madison College continues to commemorate Black History Month.

The event was an open invitation to any and all students or faculty and will have multiple opportunities for joint discussion with the panel members.

Sabrina Madison was the speaker Shannon Hintz, Co-Vice President of the Black Student Union, was most excited to hear from on the panel, which also includes Joe Parisi, Everette Mitchell, Harold Rayford, Mandella Barnes, Ali Muldrow, and Mahlon Mitchell.

Madison, who Hintz met right here at Madison College, holds a key role in the community with her establishment of The Progress Center for Black Women, Black Women’s Leadership Conference, Black Excellence Youth Conference, and Black Business expos.

“I love to hear her opinion and kind of how she has an idea of the world of Madison and what she wants to do,” Hintz said, describing her eagerness towards getting to learn more through Madison at the event.

Hintz says that they hope that the panel leads to discussions of voting rights, social security, workers comp and other related topics. As well as the broad themes, they expect to cover issues in the community, like not having spaces for teens to go and educate themselves or even just hang out with their friends.

Having a group of panel members who are largely knowledged in different aspects allows for an array of discussion topics to be covered. Hintz also stated that there are members on the panel who are currently running for lieutenant governor, “so there will definitely be questions to them about, you know, what they plan to do for their campaigns.”

“We don’t have a lot of opportunities to show black excellence on campus and it’s something that needs to be known in the community,” described Hintz about why Black and Brilliant is an important event for Madison College.

Often students become stressed about school and other things and forget what they’re striving for. Hintz expresses that “hearing from people that are making a difference in the community and making things happen, that are out there doing stuff and really showing their true potential, I think, will inspire students on campus to really take that lead as well in whatever they want to do.”