Public Safety


Madison College Public Safety

Officer David Manthey

Public Safety Officers respond to many calls for service and we communicate our activities to the college community. Here are some of the notable incidents from the past couple weeks:

On Dec. 11, Public Safety, along with the Madison Police, were called to the Downtown Campus for a female having difficulty standing. Officers discovered that the female was intoxicated and unable to care for herself. The female was transported to a local medical facility by the Madison Police.

On Dec. 20, Public Safety received multiple complaints for harassing behavior by a middle-aged male at the Truax campus. The suspect has been identified and was temporarily suspended from being on any campus. If you witness or become a victim to harassing or stalking behavior, please call Public Safety immediately.

On Jan. 3, a campus community member locked their keys in their vehicle. Officers were able to successfully open the vehicle. Public Safety unlocked 55 vehicles for students and staff in 2017.

On Jan. 5, officers responded to a man lying on the ground and “huffing” air canisters at the Truax campus. The man was having a mental health crisis, was a danger to himself and was uncooperative. He then began fighting with officers. Madison Police and Madison Paramedics were also called. After the man was subdued, he was transported to a local hospital while under arrest by the Madison Police Department for Trespassing, Misuse of Hazardous Materials and Disorderly Conduct. The man was found to have no affiliation with Madison College.

On Jan. 10, Public Safety took a theft complaint of a 32-inch plasma screen TV from the Truax campus. This incident is still being investigated. Please remember to keep office and classroom doors closed and locked when not in use.

In addition to our Facebook page, we have a Twitter account. Be sure to follow @PublicSafetyMC to stay informed of what’s happening on your campus.

If you have any information regarding suspicious activity or other campus safety concerns, please contact our department at 245-2222; Public Safety Officers are available 24/7.