Campus BCycle rolling strong in 2nd year



Madison College’s BCycle station is located near the entrance to the Health Building at the Truax Campus.

Julia Simenz, Staff Writer

For college students, finding affordable and easy forms of transportation can be difficult. With monthly parking prices on the rise, and limited space in public lots, parking your car seems to be a simple task that causes more stress than it needs to.

To help with this struggle, Madison College has created an opportunity to eliminate these difficulties by allowing students to rent bicycles at the BCycle station on campus.

The BCycle station was created in an effort to educate students on bicycling, as well as provide students with an alternative transportation option without them having to own their own bicycle.

Ric Poole, a former Madison College student, had the intentions of studying renewable energy when he wanted to continue pursuing his efforts in saving the environment with biking, his favorite hobby. Poole then got involved with the BCycle station, and is still assisting with efforts to add more stations on the east side of Madison.

“I love exploring new places and taking rides with friends. That allows me to see things that a car would not,” said Poole.

As an easier and healthier form of transportation, Poole has biked as often as he’s able for 50 years. He also finds it important to teach others the positive impact that biking has on the environment.

“While biking, there is no pollution being released,” said Poole. Therefore, with the efforts of the BCycle Center and his own personal beliefs, Poole took it upon himself to inform others.

Students at Madison College have the privilege to attend clinics each year that help educate those interested on how to use a bike, and the basic guidelines of becoming a rental member.

Madison College provides information on several bike paths and other stations nearby to make this form of transportation even easier for students. Poole recommends Starkweather Creek Path, as it connects the Truax buildings and leads to many other convenient Madison roads for a quick bite to eat or errand in between classes.

Along with your membership, you will have access to the BCycle stations located all over downtown Madison. Therefore, if you decide to take a bike from the Truax campus and need to return it to one of the downtown stations, you are able to do so.

Not only does this open an opportunity for cheap, accessible transportation, but it is also a great way to fulfill one’s daily exercise goals. The bikes at the BCycle stations will track your miles, calories burned, and carbon emissions offset. This allows students to stay active, while improving the environment. Madison College is filled with various opportunities to make student life easier, and more enjoyable. The BCycle community is just one way students can get involved.