Blood drive held at Truax sees 61 donors

Mel Acosta, Staff Writer

Madison College students had the opportunity to give the gift of life at the Truax Campus this past November during an American Red Cross blood drive.

For four hours on Nov. 28, Room D1630B was hustling and bustling with people hoping to change a life. The event, coordinated by Madison College Health Educator Denise Holin, brought in around 61 donors and collected over 53 units.

Holin said the blood donor attendence exceeded expectations by 170 percent, “which is incredible!”

Typically, The American Red Cross loses many of their regular donors between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day due to lack of time during holiday activities and travels. Approximatley, 14,000 blood donations are needed every day for patients who are in about 2,600 hospitals across the country. As the holidays roll in, Madison College held the event just in time for hospitals to ensure thst there will be a sufficient supply for patients in need.

It is estimated that nearly 38 percent of the United State’s population is able to donate blood whenever it is needed. Less than 10 percent of the eligible population, actually donates within that year. Although many are scared or intimidated by the process of giving blood, the benefits are more than enough to encourage people through it. Simply knowing that you can give another person life by giving them something shareable is very rewarding.

Since many patients rely on donors, saving a life by donating blood is much like being a hero. Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood, it is a gift in itself to be able to offer them some.

With all of the remarkable results, it is evident that Madison College did a lot of offering to those in need. “159 lives touched today…” said Holin.