Volunteer opportunities abound at annual fair


Adrienne Oliva, Staff Writer

Madison College recently held a Volunteer Fair to introduce Madison College students to the variety of volunteer opportunities outside of the college walls. There was a diverse selection of different organizations that have open positions that could fit a multitude of passions and schedules.

Didn’t make it to the fair? No worries, opportunities are still open to all students, including the positions highlighted below.

At WORT 89.9 FM, there are a myriad of diverse opportunities. WORT 89.9 FM is one of Madison’s most beloved local radio stations. There are 300 weekly volunteers who help keep WORT 89.9 pumping out quality content for their listeners, and Madison College students could be one of them.

WORT 89.9 FM aims to be a microphone for all of the diverse identities in Madison, meaning they have open opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

WORT 89.9 FM is currently looking for volunteers for many of their weekly radio shows, from “Queery,” which is Madison’s longest running LGBTQA radio program, to “En Nuestro Patio,” their all-Spanish news segment. As Glenn Mitroff, volunteer and outreach coordinator for WORT 89.9 explains, “There is not one voice, there are many voices in the community, and they are all legitimate.”

Not comfortable speaking on air? They are also looking for writers, producers, receptionists, and many other positions. All of these positions contribute to keeping the voices of diversity in this community heard.

For more information about opportunities at WORT 89.9 FM, contact Mitroff at [email protected] or call 608-256-2001.

Students who are passionate about animals can find many volunteer positions at Henry Vilas Zoo.

Though volunteers cannot pet the animals, there is not much else that beats being surrounded by happy animals as well as happy guests all day.

Director of volunteer services Lynn Curries said that when a person volunteers at the zoo, they get to experience “a kid’s eyes light up when seeing an animal.” Imagine someone seeing a giraffe in person for the first time. Now imagine being able to see that face daily.

Some opportunities to volunteer at the Henry Vilas Zoo include being a goat yard attendant, which is the only volunteer opportunity where volunteers can pet the animals, a train and carousel operator or conductor/cashier, and an animal ambassador, who handles education animals and presenting programs to the public.

Perhaps the most alluring opportunity of all is getting to be “Henry” the zoo’s lion mascot. In order to be Henry, one must be an optimal high fiver.

If any of these opportunities sound appealing, contact [email protected] or call Currie at 608-258-9490.

The Red Cross is renowned across the nation for their blood services and their disaster response team.

Though there are opportunities to volunteer in these facets of the Red Cross, there are many more opportunities to volunteer as well.

As Michelle Matuszak, Red Cross volunteer representor, explains, “It is not all about disasters and blood.” The Red Cross also needs volunteers who work with things like logistics, data, and even office work. If interested, contact [email protected].

Interested in learning about other volunteer-led organizations in Madison? Contact United Way of Dane County.

Though they are looking for volunteers for their organization as well, they specialize in forming connections with other volunteer-based organizations. If interested in finding the perfect volunteer opportunity, check out volunteeryourtime.org.

The one thing to learn from Madison College’s Volunteer Fair is that there is a volunteer opportunity to fit everyone’s interests and schedule. The fair inspired students to find a volunteer experience that they are personally passionate about.