BSU event motivational for attendees

Zach Mueth, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union (BSU) recently hosted Black & Brilliant, an annual event celebrating education. On Feb. 23, the club brought in five guest speakers, each of whom are active community members.

One of the BSU’s primary goals is to create more of an equitable community. It recognizes the problems black students face and fights to ensure that everyone receives an education. Challenges to keeping students in school causes low retention rates, particularly for African-American students.

Nonetheless, the group saw a turnout of about 60 people, a fantastic attendance by BSU President Sedgwick Smith Jr.’s standards. The event had an all African-American panel. This was a powerful representation to Smith and other participants, who in many cases have had few black figures to look up to over the years.

“There was really good conversation. We could have gone on for hours,” Smith recalls.

“After you have a really good conversation, you leave feeling motivated and that short hour-and-a-half conversation has opened the door for more ideas and brainstorming.”

On top of great conversation, there was a variety of great food.

“I brought seven boxes of pizza and it was all gone within 20 minutes,” Smith exclaimed. In addition to the pizza, the group provided fruits and veggies, as well as cake, cookies, and doughnuts.

This opportunity provided a chance for students to network and make connections they may have otherwise struggled to find. Students can make friends as well as be a support system for each other.

“As we continue with more events, we want to create a dialogue between all Madison College students,” Smith says.

“We’re willing to reach out to all groups to make sure we’re not divided.”