Fast facts about Madison College’s new west campus

Elliott Puckette, Editor in Chief

The new campus building on Excelsior Drive is opening for the spring semester. There you’ll be able to take classes towards your program (provided your program is Liberal Arts Transfer, Pre-Health, or Business) or a wide variety of continuing education classes.

Here are some quick facts about the new campus:

  • There’s no food except what you can get from vending machines. However, within a mile of the building are numerous food joints, including a Panera Bread, a Chipotle, Novanta, HuHot Monogolian Grill, and Eno Vino Wine Bar & Bistro.
  • The West Campus won’t enable you to complete your entire degree program there. At least, not yet.
  • There will be plenty of parking at the West Campus. You won’t even need a permit.
  • Accuplacer testing will be offered at the campus on the first and third Friday of every month.
  • You won’t be able to buy your textbooks for degree classes, but you can for any continuing education classes offered at the West Campus. You can also order books for any of your classes from the online store and have them sent to West for pickup.
  • There won’t be a computer lab, but there will be a few computers in hallways and a printer for students to use.
  • If you want to host an event or meeting, there aren’t any large conference rooms to use, but there is a small one that can fit up to eleven people which can be reserved through the Welcome Center or Events office.
  • You won’t be able to talk to an advisor, counselor, or disability resource specialist there. You’ll have to schedule these for a different location, or over the phone.
  • The Madison College Shuttle will run between West and Downtown and from Downtown you can get to South Campus and Truax.

To find out more about the new campus, which opens in January, go to