New West Campus Chosen, Will Open In Spring 2017


Josh Zytkeiwicz

The New West Campus Building at 8017 Excelsior Drive will open in spring of 2017

Josh Zytkiewicz, Broadcast General Manager

Over the summer, Madison College signed a lease to open a new west side location.  The new lease comes after the closure of the former West Campus in May.

The new building, located at 8017 Excelsior Dr. was formerly inhabited by Cardinal Stritch University.  The 12,843 square foot space is much smaller than the 100,000 square foot area of the former west campus on Gammon Road.  An additional 7,000 square feet is available for the college to expand into if needed.

The new building will open in the spring of 2017 with continuing education classes, such as painting, yoga and cooking.  Some degree credit classes will be offered for the 2017-2018 school year, but the college has not yet determined which classes or programs will be available. A new science lab is planned.

The building will cost the college $350,000 for each year of the five year lease, which includes $750,000 for the cost of remodeling. The college has the option to extend the lease in two year increments.

While there will be no classes this fall the Student Senate plans to continue shuttle service to the west side.  The service will travel between the new west campus and the Downtown Education Center.

The shuttle will operate on approximately the same schedule as the previous west campus shuttle.  Students are encouraged check the website for the latest information on shuttle schedules.