Clarion Media Broadcasting


Clarion Staff

The Clarion office has been temporarily relocated for the 2016-2017 school year to the second floor of Truax campus, room A2033

Josh Zytkiewicz, Broadcast General Manager

Beginning this semester “The Clarion” will begin its newest foray into the world of media with the creation of “Clarion Media Broadcasting.”  This separate but related organization will give students experience in the creation of non-print media such as videos, podcasts, and eventually live streaming.

Watch this space for highlights of our videos each issue.  And subscribe to our YouTube channel at to ensure you never miss a video.

This organization is open to any student who is interested in creating or learning more about this new media.  Students do not need prior experience and any major is encouraged to participate.

Students who are interested in learning more are welcome to attend our weekly meetings on Tuesday’s at 2 p.m in the Clarion office, Room A2033.