Changes to Campus Food Service

Josh Zytkiewicz, Broadcast General Manager

Students and staff will find that food options are a little different this fall.  Continued construction on campus means that the traditional cafeteria space at Truax is no longer available.

Auxiliary Services has announced that the following food outlets will be available on the Truax campus this fall.

The Gateway Café on the second floor will continue to serve its traditional coffee and grab-n-go fare, along with soup and custom made cold sandwiches.

The Health Cafe in the Health Services building will remain with grab-n-go foods, pastries, soup, and the addition of a Panini station.

Vending machines will be available in several locations throughout the main building.

The hallway outside the Redsten Gym will feature two food service options.  The athletics concession stand will be open during the day serving drinks, snacks, pizza, pretzels, hot dogs and nachos. Most cafeteria services will be moved to a temporary room across from the Gym that was formerly used for storage.  Here you will find the salad bar, coffee bar, pastry case, soup, and grab-no-go items.  As well as a hot breakfast, breakfast burritos, burgers, chicken tenders, and a rotating menu of hot entrée’s.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the loss of french fries, traditionally the most popular item.  Because none of the temporary or repurposed spaces have the necessary equipment for deep fryers, french fries will not be served this fall.  Instead they will be replaced by tater tots, which can be baked.

If everything goes according to plan, the new cafeteria space will open in the Spring semester.