WolfPack Techies can fix your computer

Club members help student keep computers running, gain valuable experience in process


Patrick Kempfer

Tristan Wheeler at work on a student’s laptop.

Eric Swanson, Staff Writer

The WolfPack Techies are reimagining the way computer repair service is done. They can solve an assortment of computer problems, including virus removal, and even hardware installation. Starting out in 2008 as a class project, the WolfPack Techies continued on to become a volunteer service offering real world experience for its staff.

Although all of the original 2008 members have moved on and graduated, the Techies house experienced Madison College IT students with varying areas of expertise. There is a hierarchy of three levels in the staff.

“As you go higher in level, you can do more hardware and hard to do stuff… generally it shows the experience a person has with the computers,” explained Tristan, a level three technician, the highest.

All students are granted access to the services at the Techies when they present their OneCard. After bringing their computer in and getting it checked out, the Techies can provide recommendations for the next steps and possible hardware/software that needs to be purchased by the customer.

Tristan explained that while WolfPack Techies may take 1-2 weeks to have an issue fully resolved students can save upwards of $200 over services like Geek Squad since the Techies don’t charge for labor.  Geek Squad also tends to try to sell extra unnecessary products with their service says Tristan. The Techies strictly provide the labor and inform the client of necessary materials to purchase.

The most common issue people bring in for a quick fix is internet connectivity. In the back lab area they mostly see pop ups and other malware-related issues.

While they mostly fix PCs, Tristan is pushing to get more staff proficient in Mac repair as well due to the growing population of Mac hardware among students.

More information can be found at www.wolfpacktechies.org or stopping by Truax room C2445, between  9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday-Thursday.