Madison College and UW spearhead a Global Studies Passport Program

Rebecca Waraczynski, Business Director

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Madison College have recently formed a partnership to help students gain greater global understanding.

Through the Global Studies Passport Program, students who are enrolled at Madison College can enroll at UW-Madison in international and area studies courses. The earned credits can transfer back to Madison College towards a degree or certificate.

This was a collaboration to help strengthen the two institutions and provide more opportunities and incentives to students.

“In spring 2014, myself and UW Area Studies staff met to talk about how we could go further than just individual events and find a truly substantive way for our institutions to partner around global education,” said Geoff Bradshaw, Madison College’s director of the Center for International Education. “The outgrowth of that work is the Global Studies Passport Program.”

“Our hope is that this program will not only allow for expanded opportunities for students in our Global Studies Certificate, but also help students explore more advanced degrees and careers by taking advantage of the enormous resources for global learning afforded by UW-Madison’s Institute for Regional and International Studies,” Bradshaw said.

The program is only open to students enrolled in Madison College’s Interdisciplinary Global Studies program. The Interdisciplinary Global Studies Certificate is designed to provide opportunities for students in any field of study to expand their global competencies by combining courses in world languages, global studies, and participation in international experience.

The program teaches students how to work with different cultures. These skills are in high demand in today’s businesses. The hope is to help students’ resumes stand out in a competing world.