Madison College joins other colleges in banning hoverboards

Rebecca Waraczynski, Business Director

Hoverboards are gaining attention nationwide, but not for what you think. For retailers, hoverboards were expected to be the “must-have” gift of the season. But for schools and largely populated buildings, they have become a nuisance.

Madison College has recently joined more than 30 schools in banning the toy. These hoverboards do not actually “hover” but in fact actually glide on two wheels and provide unique challenges in crowded locations.

Emergency rooms all over have seen many patients with injuries resulting in hoverboards.

Just search for the word hoverboard in Google, and see many examples of why hoverboard fails can be so dangerous.

In addition, the motor, batteries and charging ports are being scrutinized for many fires and explosions. Hoverboards have started many fires including a home in Louisiana and a mall in Washington State.

The social media craze has shifted from showing off these gadgets to telling the story of their demise.

At Madison College, Keith Cornille, the Senior Vice President of Student Development, said that it was late last semester that the college began having conversations regarding the issue, after noticing an increase in the presence of hoverboards on campus.

“Due to safety concerns, the college decided to ban the operation and recharging of hoverboards while inside all owned and leased campus buildings, or as posted on the grounds of district owned or leased property,” Cornille said.

Cornille said the college realizes that students may use these devices to go to and from school, though the safety concerns led to its decision to ban them.

Initially, students who bring a hoverboard to campus will be simply informed of the college’s policy.

If students become repeat offenders, it is likely that sanctions could be given based on the findings of a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.