Video Production Club hopes to roll soon

Stephanie Riedel, Staff Writer

Madison College has a new club to add to its already impressive roster: the Video Production Club. The club began as a television production club, but never got its feet off the ground. Maxwell Schulte, a Madison College student, wanted a place to foster creativity, so he has taken it over.

“I’ve always been really interested in film and video, I make music videos myself. I was just looking for other people who would be interested in doing projects like that,” he said in a recent interview.

So, he changed the name of the club to Video Production Club and is trying to cultivate enough members to get it off the ground. “We’re trying to recruit people and meet once a week and talk about what everybody’s availability and interests and skills are and just try to figure how to start making stuff immediately so that we pick up some momentum and people can see that there are results from being in the club.”

The club is open to anyone who wants to join regardless of experience. In fact, due to lack of access to equipment for the time being, projects will be done using smart phones.

“We’re trying to figure out ways work within our limitations and still be able to express ourselves,” said Schulte. He envisions group projects that involve themes like the sky, or using colors of the rainbow, perhaps even interviewing random people on the streets. Some projects will be documentary style while others will be scripted movies. “Everybody will have their own ideas about, kind of, what they want to get out of it and I encourage people to come and see what it’s about and bring their ideas to the table.”

It doesn’t stop there. Schulte’s vision for this club reaches far and wide, “I want this to be an interdisciplinary club. I want people from across the board. I want programmers and artists and people who have different kinds of thinking to come to the table.”

The end result for the club, hopefully, will be a student film festival at one of the campuses, a club YouTube channel chocked full of student-made content, and further engagement with community at large. Schultz cites Madison’s Tiny House Village for the homeless and food desert programs as inspiration for future club projects.

Don’t think that applies to you? Schulte disagrees. “Anybody with creative interests who wants to find other people who are really dedicated to creating content,” said Schulte. Even if, for example, you’re getting a vet tech certificate. “Maybe there’s something about their experience being a vet tech that they want to make a little documentary, or something like that,” Schulte said. So, grab your smart phone, your ideas and join Madison College’s brand new Video Production Club.