Targeted career fairs bring more focused opportunities

Marisa Comeau-Kerege, News Editor

Have you ever gone to a job fair and been overwhelmed by the range of employers and left with little to no promise of employment?  Well, Madison College’s Career and Employment Center may have the solution, program specific targeted career fairs.

After years of hosting one or two events a year, with employers varying among many different career fields, the advisors weren’t seeing results in regards to student employment.  Many of the attendees were people from the community, not students.

Now they are trying something new to reach out to students.  Instead of one big event, they will host many smaller fairs interspersed throughout the school year specific to one program offered here.

Rochelle Wanner, Senior Advisor in the Career and Employment Center, said she believes this will be a great opportunity for Madison College students to get hired.

“I’m really very excited about these events.  This is something I am really passionate about and I think it will help our students find jobs,” said Wanner.

Many programs have already planned for their fairs this year.  On Feb. 19, the IT program will host their from 1:30-5:30 in the Health Building at Truax. The Vet Tech program will host a career fair on March 4 and the Fashion and Marketing program will follow suit on April 24. A full list of the events can be found on under events.  You don’t need to have an account to view the list.

If your program hasn’t set up a fair yet, Wanner encourages students to talk to their teachers and advisors about the opportunity.  She, along with the other advisors have been adding in new events almost hourly and expect more to come.

As the dates of the various events approaches, the center will publish flyers at all the campuses with all the information regarding the event, including what positions will be represented there.

While attending these fairs, Wanner urges all students to dress to impress meaning business casual, bring an updated resume, and of course, bring a smile.

If any students feel they need help in preparing for the fairs, or any employment opportunity, Wanner stresses how much the center has to offer.

“We have so many resources available for students.  From resume building to mock interviews, we’re here to help! Just come in and make an appointment,” said Wanner.

The center also hosts career exploration and planning workshops.  For a list of workshops got to  To make an appointment, go to the Career and Employment Center office, located in the gateway of the Truax campus.