Campus shuttle service available at Commerical Ave.

Marisa Comeau-Kerege, News Editor

Madison College’s shuttle system will be adding a rolling stop to their East Shuttle.
The stop will be located on Commercial Avenue right outside the main entrance of the main Commercial Avenue campus building, with a sign marking the pick-up spot.

The shuttle is scheduled to arrive at the stop on it’s route from Truax to Downtown 5 minutes after it’s scheduled departure and from Downtown to Truax 15 minutes after departure.
Updated shuttle schedules have been sent to the Truax, Downtown, South, West and Commercial Ave. campuses.

During peak times, the shuttle may be full, causing students at the new spot to not be able to board.  However, the shuttle runs every 20 minutes and it should be able to accommodate most students’ needs.

The Student Senate coordinated program has been running the shuttle program since Aug. 2000, and has provided nearly 300,000 rides since.  The decision to add this new stop was approved over winter break and will begin at the start of the semester.

This will be offered during a trial period through January and February 2015.  If the program seems to work well and receives positive feedback, it may be modified and continue.

To give feedback, please send your questions, comments or concerns to the Student Senate by email [email protected].