Student Senate secures Wi-Fi for shuttle

Joe Ballard, News Editor

The Madison College Student Senate is working to improve the campus experience for everyone. To that end, the Student Senate will work with school administrators to ensure that student concerns are taken into account when making decisions.

New this year is the Shared Governance Assembly that contains eight different councils that will help in deciding on issues that affect Madison College. Each council contains a student representative to make sure students concerns are brought to the attention of decision makers.

“The Senate really wants to urge students to come to us with their concerns or with anything they would like to see improved,” said Student Senator Tannen Todd. ”In these councils, there’s no rank.  Everybody has the same voice.”

Todd said it’s a great opportunity for students influence decisions.

Madison College is now offering free Wi-Fi on campus to campus shuttles until the end of the spring semester. The Student Senate and administration want to find out if providing Wi-Fi on the shuttles is a service that students both want and will take advantage of as Madison College puts together its budget for next year.

Madison College’s Presidential Cabinet shared the proposed budget with the Student Senate at a recent general assembly meeting. The tuition freeze favored by Scott Walker’s administration is being examined to determine if that is indeed the best route for Madison College.

A survey was sent out via email to gauge student opinion on the proposed tuition freeze and the majority of students were in favor of a tuition freeze. Todd and his fellow senators want to make sure students are aware of the possible side effects of a tuition freeze.

“The Student Senate is trying to inform students about what the tuition freeze really entails,” said Todd. “Whether it is worth it, to freeze tuition or not…If the tuition freeze happens, it might mean tighter budgets for tutoring and other services. …Only 23 percent of what you pay in tuition goes to paying for classes.”

Also discussed at the general assembly meetings was the possibility of adding a dental clinic to the Truax campus. The clinic would provide low-cost checkups for students and give valuable hands on experience for those enrolled in the dental program at Madison College.