Student Senate starts work on its initiatives

Tannen Todd, Student Senator

The Student Senate is currently working on a number of issues that are affecting Madison College students on a day-to-day basis.  A couple things that are currently being pushed for are, cheaper textbook costs, the implementation of gender-neutral restrooms, and reducing crowded parking by increasing commuter services.

The Senate is always working and finding new ways to reduce textbook costs for students.  One of the ways they have done this in the past was creating the textbook rental program.  Now, current President Tariq Anjum is playing a key role in finding even more ways to combat textbook costs by talking to administration and bookstore employees and discussing different innovative ways and options to get this challenging task done. Anjum is working hard to get another accomplishment for the school down in the history books.

Working with the GSA and the Young Conservatives of America clubs, Senators are trying to change school policy to put in at least two additional gender-neutral restrooms, also known as all-gender restrooms, which create a bully free environment and allow students to feel safe and included.  These bathrooms, when created, will be a great symbol and message for the school: that we as a college and as a collective community accept everyone and do not isolate certain groups of people just because of the gender they identify with.

Lastly, many do not know that the Student Senate was a key player in creating free comprehensive commuter services for all students, including bus, paratransit, shuttle services, and parking.  They also had a strong influence in the decision to construct a solar-powered transit shelter. Although these are big gains for transportation services, the Senate understands that there is still much to improve.  A Commuter Services Committee is being created and members are being handpicked to work on the present issues and solutions. This committee will come together at least once a week to discuss ways to improve Madison College’s transportation system, discussing topics such as adding more shuttle buses to reduce crowding, creating more incentives for carpooling, and reducing the demand for parking.

Implementing gender neutral restrooms, increasing commuter services, and reducing textbook costs are just a few of the issues the Student Senate is currently working on.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments, there are a number of ways to get in contact with a Senator.

You can come to the General Assembly meetings, which occur every Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Another option is to go to, click on the member’s page, and all of the Senators and their contact information will be available for you to choose from.  Great things are happening here at Madison College, and the senate wants you to be a part of it.