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E-courtroom provides real-life experience

Alison Malek, Copy Writer

mock courtroom
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An open house for the E-Mock Trial Courtroom in the Protective Services Building was held Sept. 8.

Madison College’s Protective Services Building constructed a state of the art E-Mock Trial Courtroom. On Sept. 8, Madison College paralegal instructor Bill Bedker led tours with other staff members at an open house in the new facility.

The E-courtroom, modeled after a real courtroom, consists of three rooms. There is a video recording/conferencing main courtroom, a jury deliberation room, and an office/library for the paralegal.

Cameras and mics record all actions and sounds in the room and can be accessed through control panels. The jury room can be viewed from the main courtroom. In the jury room, there are mics and cameras so audio deliberation can be recorded.

The facility will be occupied with students from over twenty different programs including paralegal, court reporting, fire/police/EMT, and interoperating.

The facility will be available to the community for depositions, hearings, and mediations. You can find more information online at