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Student Senate President Colin Bowden speaks at a recent college event.

Jacob Ennis

Student Senate President Colin Bowden speaks at a recent college event.

Ryan Spoehr, News Editor

In recent memory, there has not been a campus address by a Student Senate president here at Madison College.

Student Senate President Colin Bowden is set to speak before the Madison College student body on Oct. 22 in his first State of the Student Body Address.

“As far as I know, it’s the first time it has happened. It could have happened and we just don’t have record of it,” Bowden said.

Bowden said this is something he had in mind since he took his position as president.

“This is something I thought about because it seems like there needed to be a community-wide need for this,” he said.  “There wasn’t much of this in the past and it seems like this was a good opportunity to do this.”

Bowden said he hopes to enlighten students as best as he can. He is planning to talk about an array of topics including initiatives on lowering textbook prices, making the campuses safer and creating a more inclusive environment at the college for all students.

He is working with members from the community to have known figures from the community to attend the speech.

“These are folks who are well-known in the neighborhood or community,” Bowden said. “Right now, I want to keep that [who will be there] a surprise.”

As for students, the goal is to have 75-100 students to be in attendance, but Bowden said 50 would be an accomplishment because it would be enough to create an engaging atmosphere.

This is the start of a series of initiatives by Bowden to engage with the student body. He said he plans on establishing committees on subjects like textbooks, safety and campus transparency.

“So far, this is only a one-time only deal, but it depends on what things look like in the spring,” Bowden said. “It looks like we have initiatives to come and we hope to have an open forum.”

Bowden added that he is looking for additional input as well. If there are initiatives that students feel the senate needs to focus on, they are encouraged to contact Bowden and other senate members at [email protected] or stop by the senate office at Truax in Room C1438.

At the address, there will be a raffle for PDQ gas cards and refreshments will be offered. Bowden will hit the podium at approximately 12 p.m. and the event itself will conclude at approximately 2 p.m.