Rixie helps students find jobs

Onawa Powell, Staff Writer

Rixie has been working at Madison College for just a little more than three years now. She was previously an academic advisor in the Student Development Center, primarily working with students in the Liberal Arts Transfer program. Rixie earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communications at UW-Eau Claire, and her graduate degree in Leadership and Student Affairs.

Question: What are some similarities between the job you were doing before and the job you are doing now?

Gretchen Rixie: My previous position was under the same unit as the Student Development Center. As far as my colleagues and the broader unit, it’s under learner development. The focus in learner development is student development and helping students; a lot of it is outside of the academic realm. The student support services are library services, the employment center, counseling, human resource services and so I am still in that same unit, I will still be working with students directly, so that I think is the biggest similarity.

Q: So before you were helping students figure out what kind of classes to take and now you are more focused on helping students get to the next level.

GR: Yeah, that’s a good analogy. So before I was working with students that were kind of newer, figuring out their academic plan here at Madison College. Now in the Career and Employment Center I will work more with faculty, employers, other staff on our campus, and then with students who are looking for employment. They may be coming to the end of a technical program and they may be looking for a full-time job. We also work with current students though with finding on campus employment and part time employment in the community.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your new position so far?

GR: Well, one of a few of my favorite things about the new position, is I’ve worked with the staff in this office before so it’s been really nice to reconnect with them. I think they do phenomenal work and I look forward to working with them again. Then of course, being in the Gateway and the brand new Career and Employment center. We did have a Career and Employment Center before but it was much smaller. Now we have rooms for employers to do interviews and it’s a better space all around.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to share about your position as manager of the new career and employment center?

GR: I just think Madison College is an excellent place to work. Again, I’ve been here three years, I’m excited about this new opportunity. The major difference in this role is that it’s a leadership position where I’m managing the center and the staff of the center, but I’m also really excited that I still get to work with students directly.