Tutoring options for students available

Jason Cuevas, News Editor

After starting school many students realize that schoolwork ends up being more demanding than they originally expected. Balancing life and school can be a difficult task and extra help is often needed. To meet those needs, Madison College has a tutoring program available for all students free of charge.

James Rockman, peer tutor coordinator, explained that there are a variety of academic support centers available at each of the different campuses. The Writing Center, Math Center, Learning Center, IT lab, Accounting Lab and Business Lab are available on the Truax campus. Other campuses focus more on one-on-one peer tutoring options.

Peer tutors have previously received a grade of B or higher in the courses they are tutoring. Students are limited to two hours a week maximum for  peer tutoring due to budget constrictions.

Liberal Arts transfer student Dominique Burks spoke about how tutoring has helped her get through her classes. While she has had trouble at times finding someone whose hours match hers, she has found the tutors to be a great help when they are available.

“It can be really hard for me because I have a disability. I have trouble reading, but if I’m here and I do the work and I have a tutor I can manage,” Burks said.

Students are welcome to use any of the walk-in centers during hours of operation. These hours can be found online at madisoncollege.edu in the A-Z index under T for tutoring. The centers are even available for those that would just like a quiet place to study.  The learning center in the Truax library also has a list of what’s available on the bulletin board.

Students can request peer tutoring through the website and they are welcome to stop by the tutoring office next to the library entrance on the Truax campus.

Students need to be aware that they will only get as much out of tutoring as they put in. If a student misses two scheduled tutoring sessions they are no longer eligible for the peer tutoring. They will still be allowed to use any of the walk-in help.

“If you just expect the tutors to do your work for you, then you’re doomed,” Burks said.

Many students are not capable of making it to the Truax campus where most of the tutors are or sometimes a Truax student will need help from a tutor at a different campus. For those in this situation there is TelePresence tutoring available.

Every Madison College campus has TelePresence rooms available. These rooms consist of large high definition screens and real time audio so students and their tutor can communicate between any two campuses. There is even a document converter for non-electronic media to be viewed by those on either side. This makes it possible to get a tutoring session from miles away.

Math is the most requested tutoring subject and, therefore, tutors for this subject are easier to obtain. While walk-in centers don’t offer tutoring for all subjects, Rockman will do what he can to find a tutor for any subject. Just recently some Spanish tutors were added by request.

Some instructors have now started to help with tutoring as well. Rockman expects that we will see more of this as time goes on since these hours count for their regular employment hours.

Students that are interested in becoming tutors themselves can apply on madisoncollege.edu website. There is a short online orientation and then an interview. Tutors are paid $9.10 an hour and are limited to 19 hours a week.

“There are two basic ideas when it comes to academic support,” Rockman said. “Number one, yes we have it. We do have help, it’s out there. Number two, all you have to do is ask.”