App analyzes political ads in presidential campaign

Alanna Keegan, Staff Writer

Skewing the truth is nothing new to U.S. politicians, but a brilliant new application is helping everyday Americans discern what’s true, and what’s not, in regards to the many claims in political ads. Super PAC is a free app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad that works a lot like the Shazam app, recognizing audio signatures and bringing up their relevant page.

Operating the app is simple. Just click the button on the screen to recognize the political ad you’re watching, and in a few seconds, it is able to identify the political commercial. Then, it’ll direct you to a page with links that will inform you on whether the statements and accusations made in the ad are true or false, and how they reached that conclusion.

Because Super PAC has a databank of all the current presidential election commercials, you don’t have to wait for the next political commercial to use it, just scroll through all the ads and find one that interests you.

For most of the political ads, Super PAC’s links do require you to do a short amount of reading.

Their page for the ad does not have a true or false declaration on it, but it does have two or three very brief, unbiased articles assembled that will clearly inform you on the ad’s truth content, or lack there of. Also, be aware that at the moment, this app is for presidential ads only.

Super PAC is a great app that every smartphone owner should download, not just those individuals who are into politics. It’s free, easy to use, functional and a perfect solution for those who wish to be fully informed on the presidential candidates, but don’t want to devote a lot of time to doing so.