International student runs for senate

Jason Cuevas, News Editor

Coming to the United States from the Ivory Coast just seven months ago, Yacouba Sibi is ready to use his life experience to help students at Madison College.

Sibi studied business for four years in Africa, along with some criminology and human rights. He is currently studying business at Madison College. He is already the treasurer of the Executive Leadership Team, and a member of the World Student Organization and the African Student Organization. He also volunteers with the Red Cross, helping with its blood drives.

“I think I have experience that I can share and that I can put in service of Madison College students,” Sibi said.

He feels that it’s important for people to know that they can always do better. This isn’t to say that people are not doing a good job already, but that no matter what, one can always do better.

Sibi would like to work on having more students involved in the various activities and student groups available. He feels that there is much more to be involved in then just going to class and leaving. This is the same attitude he plans to take to the senate. He wants to put in the extra time and effort, not just go to meetings and forget about the senate.

Sibi hopes that he can give back to the school and the community that he has come to thoroughly enjoy in his short time here.

“I have been to New York, I have been to Chicago, too. The life there is too fast. No one has time for anybody. No one even has time to look people in the eyes. They hurry,” Sibi said. “Madison, when I came I saw people smiling to me. That’s huge. I really like Madison and I really like Madison College.”