New food, machines being brought to Madison College campuses

Jacob Ennis, Managing editor

Sandwiches with fresh bread will soon be in the vending machines. With options like salads and tuna salad sandwiches low in fat and sodium, Madison College students and faculty will be able to eat right at all campuses when there are no other food options. Prices ranging from $1.50-$3.50 make these choices affordable, as well.

Students needed an option for food besides chips, Spaghetti-O’s and pop, Terrie Thorstad, the director of auxiliary services, said.

Before this semester many of the regional campuses had only soda and chip/candy machines. These limited options made difficult the possibility of getting proper nutrition.

Canteen, the vendor for the machines, gets their food from Kitchen Fresh Foods out of Green Bay.

The bread comes fresh every day, and they return what they don’t use to the bakery so it doesn’t get used in making Canteen’s products, Mike Wishowski, Canteen’s district operations manager said.

Students at Truax will know when the changes are implemented with the arrival of a new state of the art machine supplied by Canteen.

Each campus will have to be evaluated by Canteen for wireless signal since their machines have online access for things such as online inventory and credit card purchases, Thorstad said.

Also, the food that goes into the machines will be determined by the demographics of each campus so it will be tailored to the students and staff attending.

With Canteen’s purchase on Swansen this summer and their new healthy food line just coming out, there is a little bit of a wait to get the new machines and food in.

By the end of September new machines and a fresh selection of food should be showing up at all Madison College campuses.