Student Senate elections under way in Student Life

Ross Schuette, Copy Editor

Student Senate elections are just around the corner. Starting April 27, the online ballot for officer positions on next year’s Student Senate will be available. There will be a link for the ballot sent to all student email accounts. All of the five positions are vacant and have at least one candidate running. Provided below is the information on the positions, who the candidates are and a bit about why they are running their respective positions.


Ousmane Kabre

Current Senate position: Vice President of Communications

Program of Study: Liberal Arts/Transfer

Kabre, a Student Ambassador for Madison College, was recently selected as a Wisconsin Technical College System State Ambassador. Kabre would like to “generate greater public respect” and “foster business, labor and community involvement in technical education.”

Kabre strongly supports leadership growth and community outreach at Madison College. He is involved in many student organizations on campus, and is determined, dedicated, and willing to follow through to achieve senate goals.

Brittny Campbell

Current Senate position: Vice President of Learning

Program of Study: Liberal Arts/Transfer

Campbell enjoys being involved with Madison College peers in and out of class. She would like to be President because she feels she understands the job requirements and has the confidence and knowledge to fulfill the position requirements. Having been on Senate for almost a year, Campbell knows how senate needs to be led, and is knowledgeable of current political and fiscal issues in order to serve her peers to the best of her abilities.

Vice President of Administration and Finance

Andrew Rolnick

Current Senate Position: Senator

Program of Study: Accounting (already has Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts)

Rolnick has been working on a three-year financial plan for Madison College and has also helped with the Legislative and Communications Committees. Rolnick is running for Vice President of Administration and Finance because he intends to learn valuable skills he can use later in his career and life. He is very passionate about the costs and accessibility to higher education and intends to advocate ways to save money to help the student body.

Vice President of Communications

Adrian Holtzman

Current Senate Position: Senator

Program of Study: Liberal Arts

Holtzman running for Vice President of Communications because he can use his networking skills to benefit the students and faculty of Madison College campuses. Holtzman has experience with communications, having worked in the music industry doing PR campaigns and promoting musicians. He knows that communication is just as important in an academic setting, especially since it is a federal election year. Holtzman claims to be a reliable source to keep students and faculty updated about new legislation being passed at state and federal levels.

Vice President of Learning

Jackson Punguil Bravo

Current Senate position: Not in Senate

Program of Study: Liberal Arts/Transfer and IT-Network Specialist

Jackson Punguil Bravo is a longtime Madison College student, having attended part-time for many years but has recently become a full-time student. In addition to his studies, Bravo does what he likes to do best: volunteer his time as a computer-fixing WolfPack Techie and as the Recruitment Coordinator in the Volunteer Center. If elected Vice President of Learning, Bravo would enhance the relationship between faculty and students while working with Senate to accelerate beneficial projects for all three parties. He wants to work hard to make real, lasting change.
Pindwende Romba

Current Senate position:

Program of Study: Liberal Arts

Pindwende Romba is Burkina, Faso in Africa. When he was in high school, Romba worked with administration members and students to get things done for the school and give it a good reputation. At Madison College, Romba interacts with students and faculty often as a member of Math Club and as a peer tutor for mathematics and French. As Vice President of Learning, Romba would use his academic involvement background to help students work in better conditions and be in service to all students.

Vice President of State and Local Government

Devon Cook

Current Senate position: Senator

Program of Study: Liberal Arts

Devon Cook, the president of College Democrats, has been endorsed by Jon Mack, the current Vice President of State and Local Government. Cook is prepared to perform the duties, such as serve as a parliamentarian, be governor to Wisconsin Student Government (WSG), be chair of Legislative Affairs Committee.

Cook says he knows parliamentary procedure and can be deliberate and vocal on points of order. He understands how WSG meetings work and is prepared to operate in them. Cook is a Special Registration Deputy to register Wisconsin voters as well as inform them on new laws passed, such as the Voter ID law. He has also lobbied legislators at the Capitol on behalf of Madison College.

Ric Poole

Current Senate position: Chairman of the Transportation Committee

Program of Study: Liberal Arts 

Ric Poole intends to go to UW-Madison for Environmental Engineering. His current position as Chairman of the Transportation Committee is directly responsible for Madison Metro passes and campus shuttles. Poole is also a member of the Transportation Demand Management club instituted by Madison College to make for a green future. Poole cares about environmental concerns and will be strong advocates for reducing our carbon footprint, such as the effort to reduce single-occupancy vehicle commuters. Poole, being above the age of 50, has worked in special education and as a bus driver, so he can relate to students of all ages. He has advocated at state and local levels of government for the ADA for people with special needs, and has worked with the city of Lodi government. He doesn’t subscribe to the party idea and makes informed decisions for his peers regardless of the idea.