College Democrats Organize For Walker Recalls


Spencer White, treasurer, left, and Devon Cook, President, right, talk to a student while handing out literature on the Walker recall Nov. 11.

Morgan Engels, Clarion Staff Writer

As the official start date for the Governor Walker recall efforts draws nearer, the Madison College Democrats held their first meeting of the year to discuss their course of action in the historic recalls.

At the first College Democrats meeting on Nov. 9 to organize and discuss conduct and tactics for collecting recall signatures. Plans were made to collect signatures Nov. 15, the first day of the official recall efforts. The College Democrats will also collect signatures indoors on Nov. 18, 21, 22, 28 and 29.

Leaders of the meeting the stressed the importance of proper handling of the signatures collected. Individuals collecting signatures are encouraged to be in possession of the signatures for as little time as possible. This being done in an effort to avoid any possible controversy such as an individual accidently taking signatures home with them or misplacing them. As such controversy could discredit the college, have a negative affect on the recall efforts, and jeopardize the groups signature-collecting permit. Any individual who were to jeopardize the permit will be promptly ejected from the group.

During the recall efforts the College Democrats will be working alongside the International Socialist Organization as well as The Gay Straight Alliance. Teachers who are off the clock will also be working to collect signatures outside of the campus on the sidewalk. With talk of retired instructors joining in as well.

Spencer White, treasurer urges students to take part in the recall efforts calling it “their opportunity to fight back for Wisconsin.”

“I look at the cuts to education and health services and that should show the Walker administration isn’t looking out for the people of Wisconsin,” White said.