Libraries work to help students succeed

Julie Gores, Library Director

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As the College heads towards its centennial year it gives us a chance to reflect on the past, appreciate the present and look to the future. Looking through old College pictures, documents and newsletters for an archive project recently, gave me some insight into just how much librarians and libraries have contributed to the learning and education of our students throughout the past century.

Annual reports, College flyers, web photos and news video over the years always seem to have library backdrops showcasing tables full of studying students, rows of resource material, or nowadays, an abundance of computer workstations. The library has always been a place associated with learning and success. It represents a place of community. It represents a place where you can get help.  It represents a place where cost doesn’t matter — because it’s all free. It represents a place where nothing is asked of you.  [OK, maybe to keep your voices down.]  It represents a place of comfort and safety. It’s a place that represents the traditions of the past and the possibilities of the future. It’s your place.

We have all the traditional resources and services that a student from 50 years ago might have used. However, we are definitely not “your mother’s library” anymore!

  • 46” Internet monitors. Check.
  • iPad2s. Check.
  • E-readers like the Nook Color and Kindle DX.  Check.
  • Laptops. Check.
  • Multimedia equipment like flip cams, fully loaded laptops and more. Check.
  • 7000 streaming video titles. Check.
  • Skype and text message reference service.  Check.
  • Books on MP3. Books on CD. Check.

These are just a few of the exciting resources and services we offer to our students. Our librarians are excited for another semester to begin so that we can help the next generation of Madison College students succeed. We offer the best of the past, present and the future because you have told us that is what you want. Our 2011 Library Student Essay Contest winner, Najeeb, summed up how new technologies and the traditional, reliable search engine of the past 100 years—the librarian, are a recipe for your success. Through innovative application of technology they make my work more efficient and effective.  Whenever I wonder why people still visit libraries, given so much is online, I remind myself of the help that librarians offer. That is something you cannot get from Google.” 

We look forward to seeing all of you. Stop by and hop on a computer, take a nap in one of our comfy chairs, work one-on-one with the finest librarians in the state, read the newspaper or browse our feature film collection for a great movie to watch over the weekend. We have everything you need and we can’t wait to see you. Have an exceptional year and best of luck.