Public Safety Report

Joe Steffen, Crime Prevention Team Leader

What’s happening?

 Madison College Public Safety Department responds to many calls for service.  However we would like to keep the college community informed.  Here are some of the notable incidents this month.

On Jan. 2, Madison College Public Safety Officers discovered that a vehicle had lost control and damaged Madison College property near the baseball diamond.

A chain link fence was destroyed as well as an electrical box and trash receptacle.  Public Safety is investigating the incident

On Jan. 13, a vehicle was broken into at the Downtown Education Center.  Several items were removed from the vehicle.  Public Safety Officers recovered several missing items in a near by dumpster, other valuables are still missing.  Public Safety is still investigating the incident.

Campus safety update

Please welcome the new full-time Public Safety Lieutenant Jim McFarlane to the college community.  Jim McFarlane, a graduate of the Law Enforcement training Academy here at Madison College, came here after serving 12 years with the Fall River Police Department, where he was a Sergeant.

As always if you have any information regarding the above incidents or other College safety concerns please contact our department at 243-4357, we have Public Safety Officers available 24/7.