Lee wants focus on tax and regulatory reform

Joshua D. Lynch, Staff Writer

Running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Wisconsin’s 2nd District is Chad Lee.  Lee is an advocate of our Constitution and believes that the solutions to our problems lie in the free market, not big government.

According to ChadLeeForCongress.com, he believes that “we need to focus on regulatory reform and tax reform as the first steps toward improving the climate for small businesses so that they can grow and create more jobs.”  Lee is familiar with the world of business, graduating in Business Administration and from founding and selling a residential and commercial cleaning agency.

Lee is certain that the problem with our national debt is created not by a lack of revenue, but by out of control spending.  Lee recommends tax code reform, making it so everyone pays their fair share under a simpler, faster system.

He believes that the Affordable Care Act will not result in affordable health care, and that the many issues of our healthcare system should be addressed through individual legislation, not a whopping 3,000-page bill.

To help with the issue of insolvency, Medicare and Social Security should have the age of eligibility slowly increased for those over the age of 55, to match the rise in life expectancy, Lee suggests.

He also believes that the United States should not rely on importing of energy sources, but should use nuclear, natural gas, and hydraulic fracturing to become energy independent and an exporter or these readily available resources.

Chad Lee’s campaign web site is located at http://chadleeforcongress.com/campaign-news/