Two ‘Star Wars’ trilogies that you should read

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

Two book series I love are the original “Star Wars” trilogy sequels, “Heir to the Empire” saga and “The Jedi Academy Trilogy.”
These books follow the conflicts between the New Republic and the remnants of the Empire, who are led by villains such as Grand Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Dalla along with other dark Jedi and Sith.
The books follow the original cast from the first “Star Wars” films such as Han Solo and Princess Leia, settling down and having the twins and Luke training the new Jedi Order.
“Heir to the Empire” follows Thrawn leading his army of Storm Troopers and fleets of Star Destroyers with aid of an Imperial dark jedi master that wishes to turn Luke and Leia to the dark side.
These books have all the things that made the original trilogy so great. These books, called “Legends Now,” are filled with lore and world building and characters that so many have come to love.
You get to see Luke rebuilding the Jedi Order on Yavin 4. New characters like Mara Jade help continue the story.
For years, these books were the only continuation of the story after the original films. The books show the rebirth of hope and freedom across the universe and shows them work to rebuild the Republic and Jedi.
The books are also filled with massive space battles and light saber duels, deep insights into the force and more. These books are being rebooted to fit the new “Star Wars” cannon. The “Heir to the Empire” is now being turned into a TV show.
These are truly good times for “Star Wars” fans.