Quad Con a fun free for all

Bailey Hanson, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to go to a convention? Perhaps one was too far away or expensive? Well then have I got the show for you! Quad Con is a small convention that takes place in various spaces around the Midwest, including East Towne Mall here in Madison. The con takes place on a weekend usually in November and March and is free for the public.
In the mall, there are a ton of things to do during the event. In March, my mom and I dressed in cosplay (she was Steampunk and I was Lucario) and entered the cosplay showcase. It was pretty fun! We got to pose for individual photos and a group photo at the end.
Next, we walked around and visited all the vendors in the mall. The con featured over 60 vendors all with something different to offer. There were booths with old action figures and comic books, a booth with stickers, full body cutouts, and posters; a booth with pillows and anime figures; a booth with 3-D printed objects and others with so much cool merch!
While we were there, we of course had to visit some of the shops. My mom and I went to Barnes and Noble and bought some manga Gamestop and looked around and visited Hot Topic, where I got some cool socks! We also visited the food court and ate some lunch at one of the stands.
Overall, Quad Con is a fun little event if you’re looking for something free to go to in the Madison area. To see up and coming dates, check out their Facebook. They upload events, and other awesome news like auction items revolving around all things nerd. I hope to see you there sometime!