Animated shows look at the lives of demons

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

Two animated online shows I have come to love are “Helluva Boss” and “Hazbin Hotel,” both by the artist Vivienne “ViviziePop” Medrano.
The shows take place in the rings of hell and follow the lives and misadventures of demons as they navigate their damnation in a very complex world, one filled with shootouts, gang wars and broken relationships.
The thing that is unique in this world is that many of demons are somewhat good people who deal with a lot of personal pain and trauma. The shows touch on how they deal with the pain and are funny as well … hell.
Although cartoonish, they are not for children. The shows are filled with sex, drugs and songs about inner depravity. They really try and show that no one is truly evil, but people often become the way they are out fear, shame and anger. It reminds us that there is always hope that people can turn their lives around.
The shows have a great cast and are better than most shows coming out of Hollywood right now. I would highly recommend you give it a shot and go up and down the emotional rollercoaster that is hell.