Rihanna’s halftime show was fantastic

Cisco Garcia, Staff Writer

Even though it had been five years since her last live performance and seven years since her last album, Rihanna showed the world she could still pull off a stunning performance during her Super Bowl Halftime Show.
She opened the show by performing “B—- Better Have My Money,” while levitating on a platform high above the Super Bowl field in a gorgeous red outfit. The rest of her performance consisted of a mashup of her greatest hits, such as “Where Have You Been,” “Only Girl,” “We Found Love” and “Umbrella” after descending from her platform.
During her performance, she didn’t perform much choreography and left most of the movement up to the backup dancers. Many fans online wondered if she was pregnant with her second child during the performance because of her lack of movement and a slight bump showing out of her outfit. These rumors were soon confirmed by her representatives after the show.
After her main performance, she ascended from the ground on her platform and closed the show with her 2012 top hit, “Diamonds.” She sang her last few verses with a spotlight on her, making her shine just like a diamond in the sky.
The feedback from her performance on Twitter shows just how much fans loved it! One fan tweeted “I thought Rihanna’s halftime show was GREAT, from song selection to production to the unabashed swagger of a woman soaring high above a football field while pregnant with her second child, just nine months after giving birth.”
The topic “Rihanna” was No. 1 trending on twitter for four hours after the performance, even higher than the actual Super Bowl itself. Also, this performance was the third most watched Super bowl Halftime show ever with 123.5 million viewers. This shows just how her Super Bowl Halftime Show was nothing short of extraordinary!