Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A new “Dungeons & Dragons” game book just dropped titled “Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen.”
The “Dragonlance Campaign Setting” is one of my most beloved “Dungeons & Dragons” games. It takes place in the war-ravaged world of Krynn, which is during a war between an alliance of races and the hordes of the Dragon Armies. The game introduces new classes, such as Mage and an Order of Knights.
Its setting is inspired by “Lord of the Rings” in its war of gods of light and darkness. The books span the better part of three decades and follow the adventures of many heroes and villains.
A very military and wargame version of “D&D,” it allows you to command armies and lead military campaigns. The world is known for its dragon warfare and players can gain dragon units for their battles.
It is a world is filled with thousands of years of lore, the rise and fall of empires, vast battles between hordes of goblins and legions of knights, evil gods that seek to enslave the world to their will and dragons destroying entire armies.
Travel to the world of Krynn and join the battle.