‘Star Wars X-Wing’ is a great book series for fans

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A book series worth reading is the “Star Wars X-Wing” series. It’s a 10-book series that follows the adventures of the rebel pilots of the Wraith and Rouge Squadrons. Michael A. Stackpole wrote the first four books in the series and book eight, while Aaron Allston wrote the rest.
The books take place in the early years of the New Republic, right after the battle of Endor and the death of the Empire. They deal with the military campaigns of the New Republic military as they battle the remnants of the Empire and seek to bring freedom to the universe.
The books are filled with starfighter dog fights and massive space battles between the rebels and the Empire.
The books follow these rag-tag rebel space marines and their missions across the galaxy as they wage commando operations against armies of stormtroopers on the planet Coruscant. You also get a look at the how the fighters spend their free time, and insight into their battle strategy.
The books really delve into the early years of the New Republic and politics of the galaxy, such as the civil war going on in the Empire or the actions of terrorists in the new Wild West-like galaxy.
These books show more than just military conflict and delve into the drama and relationships of the pilots in these star fighter units and how they become families of sorts. Turn on your power converters and give these books a shot.