‘Star Wars: Bad Batch’ is worth watching

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

“The Bad Batch” on Disney+ is a great animated spinoff from the “Star Wars” franchise. It follows the missions of the clone commando squad titled Bad Batch as they work as mercenaries in a post Clone Wars galaxy.
The show starts right after the Clone Wars end and shows how the Empire comes to power and expands across space.
The show really elaborates on the fall of democracy, the building of the Imperial war machine and how freedom and hope are in short supply.
There are five members of the Bad Batch team. They include Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair and Echo. Formerly known as Clone Force 99, they were designed with special genetic mutations to enhance specific abilities.
In addition, the group adds the young clone, Omega, who is the only female clone created from the DNA of Jango Fett.
The show conveys how the clones try to make sense of life in this new universe as they strive to understand what they are fighting for.
“Bad Batch” really expands the story arc of “The Clone Wars” TV show. It’s a little like “The A-Team” in “Star Wars.” Give the show a shot; it’s worth binge watching.