‘Wrath of the Righteous’ a great addition to series

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

I have fallen in love with the game “Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.” This game features the classic “Pathfinder” and “Dungeons & Dragons” mechanics and rules turned into a video game experience.  

The game gives you command of a great crusade against the demon hordes of the Abyss. Players have more freedom for role-playing and personal choice than any role-playing game I have ever participated in.   

You can create your hero from a wide variety of races and classes including elves, dwarfs, half demons, orcs and wizards – the list just goes on.  

Players wage a war against the demon hordes with an army they command and build themselves. The outcome of the crusade is very open-ended based on the choices that players make.  

The game has a great cast of characters that can join crusades and form deep relationships with them. With its strong storyline, players feel part of this war.  

You get your own base and are given strategic commands for your army and how you forge alliances.  

This game really brought back a lot of nostalgic memories from my nerdy childhood of playing role-playing games like “Dragon Age” or “Mass Effect.” Anyone who is a fan of “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Pathfinder” will love this game.