Run a restaurant with friends in ‘PlateUp!’

Lillian Coppelman, Editor in Chief

There are many different types of games that people can play with friends. There are survival games, shooter games and casual sandbox games. But out of all those games, one stands out among the rest for multiplayer fun. “PlateUp!,” developed by “It’s Happening,” is a casual roguelike game where players must keep a restaurant afloat.
Roguelike is a genre of video game where each playthrough is different than the last. There are no save files and there are no do-overs; losing is permanent. One mistake can ruin a whole run. It is up to the players’ skills and luck to continue forward. Failure means having to start over from the beginning.
Many popular indie games follow the rogue-like format: “The Binding of Isaac,” “Inscryption” and “Hades” all follow the format in diverse ways. “PlateUp!” is different, however. Instead of being a dungeon crawler or an RPG, “PlateUp!” is a restaurant simulator. Instead of traversing the lands and facing difficult enemies, players are challenged to serve customers and manage running a restaurant in a chaotic environment.
“PlateUp!” can be played with up to four players and each added player takes up space needed to be made for movement. The physics of the characters, the size of the building and the objects needed to keep customers happy creates a challenge for players. Time is the most important asset, and if players spend too much time bumping into friends or tables or garbage left on the floor, then customers get upset. And once that timer runs out, it is game over.
Customers eat slowly and leave garbage and dirty plates when done eating. If left ignored food cannot be platted and served to other customers and the garbage creates an obstacle for players. Garbage on the floor slows the movement speed of the players but is also a huge time waster to clean up alone. Doing the dishes also takes up time but with limited plates, it is a necessity. Dirty plates can clog up precious counter space that players need to chop or serve food on. Players are tasked to split up tasks and perform them without collision lest they waste any time.
The end of each game day allows a rest period for the players, allowing them to get their bearings and customize the restaurant’s layout. Players can spend the money earned each day to buy items that can help run the restaurant better. More counters, tables, stoves and plates can be bought for easier cooking and serving, while decorations can increase customers’ patience to increase wait times.
“PlateUp!” is a fun and unique experience that is better with friends. The challenges presented and the gameplay mechanics make for a fantastic game filled with lots of laughter and casual frustration. This game is recommended to anyone who is looking for a more “casual” rogue-like simulation.