‘Midnight Gospel’ Netflix series an amazing mess of weirdness

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A show worth binge watching is the Netflix animated podcast “Midnight Gospel.” This cartoon is the adult spiritual successor to “Adventure Time” in its animation and just weirdness, which makes sense since both are from Pendleton Ward. The show follows a universe traveling stone/Buddhist mystic YouTuber as he travels the multiverse inviting strangers onto his podcast channel. They talk about topics like cannabis laws, magic, enlightenment and even God and the afterlife.
“Midnight Gospel” and its interviews are based on a real YouTuber and his guests as they talk about these subjects, but stories and weird trippy animations are built around it to give it more visual impact.
The show is very funny with adult humor, but also cuts deep and makes viewers think. I love this show and have even taken up the meditations the creator often talks about.
If you have nothing going on some random weekend, give it a shot and get lost in this amazing mess of weirdness.