‘Babylon 5’ was a space show that gave hope

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

An old TV show worth watching these days is “Babylon 5.” Dubbed an American space opera television series, it was created by writer and producer J. Michael Straczynski and first aired in February 1993.
“Babylon 5” was better than “Star Trek” for its characters, lore, world building, space battles and philosophy. This universe was a mix of “Star Wars,” “Dune” and “Lord of the Rings,” albeit with cheesier costumes and effects. But it created a mythos that inspired its loyal audience.
The show takes place aboard the space station Babylon 5, which is a port of call, military outpost and diplomatic center where the many species of the universe to meet and work together.
Unlike “Star Trek” and its utopian space communist fantasy, this world is real and humanity has not overcome its nature both good and bad. Humanity still has money and corrupt politics and military leaders.
However, it has held onto its Earth-born cultures and faiths, and this makes the show more relatable and more human.
The show delves deep into subjects like war, spiritual concepts, the conflict between order and chaos and the choices we make for the greater good.
“Babylon 5” has a vast display of alien races and cultures that feel so alive. This show takes place in a war torn universe and shows how its audience how to cope in a dark and sometimes bleak universe.
This show gives a reason to hope unlike so many other shows. So why not give it a shot and binge watch it’s five seasons.
If you’re a fan like me, you can’t wait until the 2023 San Diego Comic Con, when Straczynski will debut a new secret “Babylon 5” project that’s already been produced. It will even feature all of the surviving cast of the original show.
Will it lead to a new “Babylon 5” series on CW as has been speculated, or will it simply be a one-time thing? We’ll find out in July.