Exploring ‘The X-Files’ still fun

Grant Nelson , Staff Writer

A show I would highly recommend to all those who were not born in the ‘90s or don’t trust those in power is the cult classic “The X-Files.” The show ran for 11 seasons and dealt with conspiracies, demons, ghosts, monsters and, of course, an alien race and its plot to infect and invade Earth.  

The show follows two FBI agents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, as they cross the globe hunting down the paranormal. They pushed social taboos long before “Game of Thrones” came along.  

This show takes two normal human beings to the darkest shadows of American history and rabbit holes as they discover alien powers and their human proxies and shadow government that were plotting to infect humans and harvest Earth’s life.  

“The X-Files” could be very terrifying and was written without relying on shock humor or sex to sell. Instead, the show was very realistic and showed Scully’s and Mulder’s human fear and their desire to understand the unknown as the driving aspects of the series.  

The show totally inspired an entire generation to question those in power, to not blindly obey what they are told and to seek the truth no matter what. This show is something worth watching.