Sookie’s Veggie Burgers has plant-based menu

Camryn Gardner, Staff Writer

Have you been looking for a new spot to eat that offers healthy, sustainable food options and supports a local business? If so, do yourself a favor and visit Madison’s vegan restaurant Sookie’s Veggie Burgers!
As you enter Sookie’s, on the corner of State and West Gilman at 502 State Street, you are greeted immediately with bright colors and a retro, eccentric vibe. One wall in the dining space features a flowing rainbow mural with vegetables painted in, while several pothos plant clippings artfully hang from the building’s high ceilings. Mellow music plays through the speakers, adding to the relaxed ambiance. In the other half of the space, you will notice SuperCharge!, a juice bar and smoothie joint that also offers some fresh food options.
Now, onto the food at Sookie’s. The entire menu is plant based! They offer a few different options for veggie burgers, including the Impossible burger, as well as a vegan chicken sandwich. Side options range from regular French fries to sweet potato fries, to a hummus plate and more. Tap beers and hard seltzers are available to purchase for those 21+.
The vegan chicken sandwich is crispy and delightful, served with vegan mayonnaise, lettuce and pickles. In comparison to a true chicken sandwich, the flavor is on point, but the texture differs slightly, in my opinion. The sweet potato fries are crinkle cut with just the right amount of salt – a great snack for the fall season or any time of the year. Sandwiches are not served with a side, so if you wish to have one be prepared to order that in addition to your main meal. Portion sizes were big enough to leave me feeling satisfied after my sandwich alone, but I wasn’t putting down the sweet potato fries once I started eating them.
Sookie’s is a solid and exciting option for vegetarians and vegans, but don’t let the plant-based menu deter you if are a meat eater. Whether you want to skip meat for the day or just try something new, Sookie’s is a superb choice.
Join them on Tuesday nights in October for events geared towards the spooky season! These include spooky trivia on Oct. 11, a pumpkin makeover on Oct. 18, and a costume contest on Oct. 25.