‘The Owl House’ gets a third season

Megan Anderson, Staff Writer

On Oct. 15, season three of “The Owl House” will premiere on Disney Channel. This is a show that has touched the hearts of many people, young and old alike, including myself. 

Luz (right, voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles) and King (Alex Hirsch) in Disney's "The Owl House."
Luz (right, voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles) and King (Alex Hirsch) in Disney’s “The Owl House.” (Disney Channel/TNS) (Disney Channel / TNS)

The “Owl House” is a cartoon about a 14-year-old girl who does not fit in her world, aka the human realm, in a fictional town called Gravesville, Connecticut. Her name is Luz and she is different for many reasons, some of them regarding her race/origin, bisexual identity and possible neurodivergence. She is fixated on fictional worlds and ironically ends up in a different realm called the “Demon Realm.” Here, she meets Eda the Owl Lady, who promises to teach her magic, as it is a realm made of both demons and witches. The series goes on for a full two well written, well animated seasons. 


Within the show Luz meets plenty of other young people that accept her in the demon realm. Although this world is not her home world, she has come to love it and the individuals that live in it. I do not want to give too many spoilers; however, like every cartoon series, there is a bad guy. Emperor Belos is nearly the complete opposite of Luz in many ways. Rather than the freedom Luz, Eda and others have in this realm, Emperor Belos, the praised leader of the land in the demon realm, promotes rigid rules under the word of “order.” 

However, “order” can only be so useful, and oftentimes when people try to control others, it’s not for the best. Emperor Belos’ way of doing this is to enforce a “Coven System,” and seal off certain types of magic for certain people. A Bard can only use Bard magic, an illusionist can only use illusion magic, etc. Some beings in this world are not fans of this system, and Emperor Belos proves to be a dark villain for a cartoon.  

Nevertheless, “The Owl House” had very high ratings through two seasons so far. However, Disney Channel shortened the third season because “it didn’t fit the brand.” Honestly, quite a bad decision for how much money they could make. Many fans had theories that the reasons for shortening the third season, then canceling it right after, was because of its representation of LGBT people. Not only are two of the main characters in a same gender relationship, but they also have a nonbinary character.  

The show sadly gained the attention of a right-wing group called “One Million Moms.” They call themselves that, but in my honest opinion there is no way there are a million of them. The “One Million Moms” protested this show not only because of its wonderful representation of LGBT people and many other minorities, but also because of the use of the term “demon” and the imagery of the series.

The series showrunner, Dana Terrance, did her best to save the show and the kids and young adults it gave hope to.