‘Warhammer’ has a new game all fans should play: ‘Darktide’

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A game worth checking out this fall is “Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.” This game is set in the universe of Warhammer 40K in a Gothic Hive City, where demons and cults are spread across the surface.
The Imperial Inquisition has hired prisoners to serve as shock troops to hunt the demons and cults.
The game allows you to play combat types such as an Ogryn tank, a space mage, a priest and a heavy shock trooper. The game is a co-op horde shooter with a very well written story.
“Warhammer 40,000: Darktide” has levels that require tactics, with a heavy RPG system for upgrading your abilities. It is filled with boss battles and lore drops hidden throughout a very dystopian city with a very Goth art style.
I say give it a shot when it comes out this fall.

DND Spelljammer
An RPG worth picking up this fall is the “Dungeons & Dragons” campaign titled“Spelljammer: Adeventures in Space.” This expansion to DND takes players into space, of all things, with everything from star ships, space monsters and a very wide new frontier to explore.
This expanse covers the entire multiverse of “Dungeons & Dragons.” There is a nearly endless selection of characters to play as, including elves, dwarfs, dragonborn, space vampires, space pirates and mind flayers.
The role play is beyond anything before. You get your own magical star ship with a crew, where you can live out the life of multiverse star travelers or go to another “D&D” universe.
Never before has this level of imagination and level of immersion been in “Dungeons & Dragons.” So gather your crew, ready your ship and set sail across the multiverse.