The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Tippa My Tongue’ burns

Paul Becker, Staff Writer

The funky monks are back. And they are on the run. From whom? Critics? Deranged fans from the ‘90s? The Red Hot Chili Peppers new single, “Tippa My Tongue,” released Aug. 19, is the first single from their upcoming album, “Return of The Dream Canteen,” anticipated for Oct. 14 of this year.
The Peppers recently released an album on Apr. 1, “Unlimited Love,” which topped the Billboard charts and sold 97,500 copies in the first week. It is the Pepper’s first album with returning guitarist John Frusciante since “Stadium Arcadium” in 2006. The explicit joy of his return from Pepper’s fans around the world is made clear by multiple themed nightclubs and tiki bars. Jesus Christ himself is back and better than ever. Throw a vintage Strat over the shoulder, crank up the delay and pour a mug of scalding hot tea of raw melody, emotion and funk.
With the full band back and the chemistry clicking, the urge to generate music is pleasantly furious. The recipe for “Tippa My Tongue” is simple – Anthony’s rhythmic and jumbled lyrics, Flea’s bass that he abuses, John’s melodic and funky guitar and Chad’s drumming that holds everything together.
Throw it all in a blender and you get a pepper. That’s hot. Bite into it and absorb the petrifying crunch of the Flea Bass, and the pepper-juice of John’s solo on your taste buds. Soar away on a trip of melodic glue and ya-ya-ya’s to Oct. 14, 2022.
“Tippa My Tongue” makes me want to slap racing stripes on a Prius while on acid.
But let’s be frank, all the Chili Pepper’s music does that to me. I give this song 12 out of a possible 11 Coops.