‘Rings of Power’ expands Tolkien’s world

Grant Nelson, Staff Writer

A fantasy show I’m falling in love with is the new “Lord of the Rings” TV show, “The Rings of Power.” This show is everything I have ever wanted in a Tolkien TV show, with great locations, action, fantasy, politics, a strong diverse cast and epic battles.
The show takes place a thousand years before the films and is set in Middle Earth. It follows many characters from many races.
The show is a totally new, fresh take on Middle Earth, creating a new “Lord of the Rings” timeline that blends the Tolkien mythos with modern day storytelling in ways that are more relatable.
The show has a deep and magical world that draws you into the tribes of Hobbits and the crusades of Elves against evil.
I say travel back to Middle Earth in this great new magical world.